Giovanni Barbieri

Giovanni Barbieri started his career at the age of 14 by operating in the marble sector as a go-getter. When he was 16 years old he was capable of completing independently floorings within his older brother’s business.
In 1984, at the age of 18, Giovanni contributed 50% of the investment entering into business partnership with his brother by establishing F.LLI Barbieri. In those days the company had already begun to produce tumbled marbles for its own realizations.
Subsequently, at the age of 22, Giovanni started to take  classes for Interior Design by completing successfully 2 three-year-courses between 1989 and 1997. During that time the best results were achieved in the building site /projects in collaboration with the architects that were teaching the classes.
These collaborations enhanced a period of strong progression in which Giovanni was the sole developer of the projects and the only supplier of marble tiles deriving exclusively from the Family Stone Business. He also personally realized and/or  supervised every installation to ensure the satisfaction of the final customers. Later the Focus was laid on the production process of new products; initially for the local market then expanding all the way to the United States, thanks in particular to the excellent Design understanding in Research & Development as well as the marketing of his products through American distributors.
Many patents have been developed towards the End of ‘90s such as decoration methods and those pertaining to industrial procedures. Without doubt the most important developments have been the  Natural Stone Tiles surface finishing called “MARMO ANTICO LUCIDO” ; “FRAMENTI BORDERS COLLECTION” ; “TIMEWORN MARBLE” and the “SERIE STORICA”.
Giovanni Barbieri gave a consistant support to Nancy Epstein in the beginning of Artistic Tile, in exclusive, for many years.
The trade show booths which were explicitly designed and built between 1999 and 2002 were promptly sold to customers for their own new Showrooms. The succeeding show booths were each time improved in quality and aesthetic.
Giovanni participated in some Contemporary Art Competitions receiving a special mention in Torino in 2003 by presenting some exclusive decorative panels, which were created in collaboration with Roberto Lanaro.
In 2008 his new Creations of Products and Collections were well received, not only in the American Market. One of the best news in that year was surely “AMBRA COLLECTION” that had received one of the 2008 American Architecture awards through “Architectural Record” MAGAZINE which designated “AMBRA Collection” among ONE OF the 8 best 2008 construction products in USA. AMBRA COLLECTION was exposed at “Triennale Design Museum” in Milan for more than one year.
In 2010 Giovanni started his successful collaboration with Sara Baldwin  developing Timeworn Mosaics.
Engineered 3D Marble Tiles Collections: Exciton/ Hive  together the first Porcelain Tile  Memento Collections are Honoree and Award Winner on Best Of Year INTERIOR DESIGN USA in 2013.

Giovanni Barbieri has been a source of inspiration for many renowned brands and competitors resulting in the successful reproduction of his Inventions and Techniques.

2014 is  London Surface Design Award Winner with Carved Collection "Clas" on Belgium project . The tiles developed are increasing for theirs brand in the meantime.

2015 is the Year of Murano Collection, Award Winner  at Best Of Year INTERIOR DESIGN, NYC,  USA.

2016 the most advangarde 3D wall Collection become real finally thanks Stone Source USA where the world's First 3D Porcellain Tile Collection  " TRILOGY" is Award Winner  at Best Of Year INTERIOR DESIGN, in  USA and New York City Design Award on last   May 20th 2017 at MoMa in NYC. 

2017  giving start to new cooperation  with other 3D walls manufacturer between Europe and USA. "- RR- Collection " is the latest one creation also.
Giovanni Barbieri design and products are just introduced in Australia/New Zealand , India and USA by new selected enthusiast partners.
August finally after long time R & D giving  born to "Sophisticated Simplicity" a true revolutionary avant-garde way to create patterns simply using  standard tiles obtaining always sophisticated different shapes and consequently unique aesthetical result.

2018 was a year of terrific cooperation with SAXA Gres , the world first circular economy porcelain tile factory on high thicknesses especially and also with Armen Alaijan and ARTO in California where the real powerful result will be introduced in 2019 after won an honoree award at last Best Of Year Interior Design event with the new SQUAR Collection.

Giovanni Barbieri actually is the most Awarded Designer on tiles and stone design sector, worldwide.