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From industrial design to unique custom made floor and wall project design with experience since 1989. Currently he is the most awarded designer in the sector, he manages to make his passion perceived by giving a soul to the collections he creates.

A Contemporary Art lover, he knows  the market well and their needs along with  many production systems, properly invented also, in addition to the consequent processes especially for installation at the final site, which together with his creative talent, becomes an irreplaceable partner, whether you intend to optimize a product, but above all to create one completely new.

He is still an eternal persuit of perfection amusing with Marble.

In 2020 the most bigger ever Murano Collection project is in delivery to Dubai after 4 years negotiations and 6 months to produce.
Family lounge floor with handmade metal inlays is in delivery  to India after 5 years negotiations and production completed:
for sure  one of the most exciting project in natural stone for floor. 
"The Fine Lines Collection" is Honoree Awarded at last New York City Design Awards.

Giovanni Barbieri is actually the most Awarded Designer on tiles and stone design sector, worldwide.

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