Solid Mosaic

6 x 6 x 6 cm appearance of solid strips suitable for exteriors and interiors wall.  It is a Thickness cm 1 mosaic.

Produced in
- Engineered Marble
- Plaster

The Engineered Marble Carved Tiles are produced, through a laboratory tested process, by recycling
marble dust from the production waste refuse thus faithfully reproducing the Travertine and Natural
Stone . Suitable for any installation/climate condition even where Natural Stone is not suggested.
No maintenance. Not absorbent. Laboratory tested unalterable colour from UV radiant.
The collection is completed with "Corner cover " special piece giving the appearance of 6 cm thickness.

Plaster / Gypsum having much lower cost but it is suitable for dry interiors installation only.
In this case you can paint also the surface at your pleasure.

5 x 65 x 1 strips or installed on net

engineered marble and Plaster/ Gypsum

travertine colours
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