2 New Collections unveiled:
SQUAR Collection
Timeworn Porcelain Stone Collection at Best Of Year Awards .
October 2018
2 New Collections unveiled
We are glad to partecipate at Best Of Year INTERIOR DESIGN USA  Magazine  2018 Awards with Timeworn Porcelain Stone Collection on  Product Flooring : Hard    and  with  the advantgarde Squar Collection at Product materials, treatments and surfaces (including paneling) .
is the first tile collection shading a wall or floor as following :
- from flat to 3D surface and opposite
- from squared shapes to irregular random pattern and opposite,
- from squared shapes to irregular random colours and opposite,
all together or in a single-double way at your pleasure. 
Based on a simple flat squared tile, is possible to shading a wall to a 3D squared than/or randomly irregular shapes and colours referring natural or artificial light directions or just at your pleasure only, thanks to a 10 different pre-assembled panels making each project easy to develope and install always with infinitive custom made solutions for wall and floor utterly unique look.
The first Giovanni Barbieri App will help you to enjoy setting up your floor or wall dimension using all models dispousal at your pleasure placing order in a very simple and easy way using the same as lay-out installation.

Available in Natural Stone for flat version only,
in Engineered Marble for wall only,  Concrete and Clay even hand painted highly customizable, for both floors and walls.

The SQUAR Collection matching infinitive solutions on any dimension and colours, shapes, pattern and especially budget.
The advantgarde Tile Design is here.

SQUAR Collection will be displayed at next Downtown Dubai Edition Show  November 13th - 16th next.

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Timeworn Porcelain Stone Collection revealed by Saxa Gres at Cersaie Bologna Show 2018.
This booth appear a town center street with all "Rome's sanpietrini" pebbles in porcelain installed, thanks to a 2 opposite mirror walls.
Saxa Gres is the first italian porcelain tile in circular economy factory ( called Cradle to Cradle system in USA also) producing porcelain tiles in very high thickness.
It is a honour and a great pleasure to be involved designing the Timeworn Porcelain Stone Collection.
September 2018
Timeworn Porcelain Tile Collection
This collection is part of the first steps of the investment plan commenced by SAXA GRES SPA becoming the first Italian porcelain production made by a Cradle to Cradle or also known as closed loop system. In Europe this system is called Circular Economy, where solid urban and organic garbage are recycled to produce biogas for the ovens and the remaining waste, after a subsequent treatment, is recycled and entirely used for the tiles body production mixed with additional clay from their own Italian quarry (not imported from Ukraine as almost all others italian manufacturers do) and a part of ceramic sludge deriving from the processing of the nearby ceramic sanitary district.
According to the latest estimates the new Biodigester will be fully operational in 2021.

We are introducing a rivolutionary dry installation system for driveway area reducing tremendously the whole project final cost, also.
Thanks to this new terrific production process about 24” x 24” x 1” 5/8 thickness Porcelain tile ( Cm 60 x 60 x 3) we have available the following exclusive items also:
- The Rome public floor driveway “Sanpietrini”: cubic timeworn porcelain pieces in thickness 2” 5/8 on following sizes:
4” x 4” x 2” 5/8 ( Cm 10 x 10 x 6,5 )
8” x 8” x 2” 5/8 ( Cm 20 x 20 x 6,5 )
4” x 8” x 2” 5/8 ( Cm 10 x 20 x 6,5 )
- Coping pieces for door sills and swimming pool thickness almost 2”
- Curb Side walk section 2” 5/8 thickness in different lenghts.

Timeworn Porcelain Stone have handchiselled surface reproducing timeworn look on Historical Venetian floors re-call.
It is actually available in 2 sizes and 2 versions for exteriors and Patio - Interiors area installations :
32" x 32" x 3/4 ( cm 80x80x2 )
24" x 24" x 1" 5/8 ( Cm 60x60x3) for dry installation system on driveway reducing a lot the whole project cost.
Colours available on most common natural stones.

Thanks to its innovative doughs, also the result of the enhancement and environmentally sustainable reuse of waste, Saxa Gres is the largest ceramic business outside the Sassuolo- Modena district.

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Triface  3D  wall  Design in  Black  Travertine version,
thanks to Jumeirah Living, UAE.
April 2018
Triface at Marina Gate, Dubai
Triface  3D  wall  Design in  Black  Travertine version,  installed on  Jumeirah  Marina  Gate  Residence,  by  SELECT  GROUP,  Dubai.  
SELECT  GROUP  wins  FORBES  Middle  East  Award  as  honoured in the top developers  category for  the  second  year  running.

Triface 3D wall Design on  Hotel Jen Lobby at China World Trade Center Beijing.

Interior Design of the year AWARD WINNER : International Project at The Commercial Interior Design Category.

Special Thanks and well deserved to a Stickman Studio - Dubai / Hong Kong.

November 2017
Triface on Award winner project
Introducing "Depthile": latest high honed  tiles by Giovanni Barbieri.
November 2017
Depthile: latest high honed  tiles by Giovanni Barbieri.
Depthile Collection: Minimal and sophisticated look in the same time.
The tile edge is perfectly flat cut on one side shading to cushon edge on the opposite.
Soft 3D tile  and suitable for floor in the same time.
Trilogy is Award Winner on wall Covering Tile category at New York City Design Award on last   May 20th at MoMa in NYC.  Thanks to STONE SOURCE.
It is the second Award received after Best Of Year 2016 on 3D Walls Category . More info  HERE
May 2017
NYCxDESIGN Award Winners 2017 on Wall Covering tile Category