Exciton / Hive

Giovanni Barbieri's Exciton tiles feature a deep relief pattern comprising repeated hexagons. The tiles fit together to create a visually stunning display of endless geometry. Each hexagon has three rhombus-shaped surfaces that feature a different and unique texture, accentuating its three dimensional form. Different overall patterns can be obtained when installing the 2 models: one carved and the other convex - in a random or regular configuration. Exciton "XL" version is made in engineered Marble Stone by recycling waste marble powder through a process tested in the laboratory and thus faithfully reproducing the Travertine and Natural Stones. Exciton tiles may be used on interiors and exteriors and are not affected by UV radiation or freeze-thaw cycles. They are resistant to the absorption of water, and do not require regular maintenance. Distribuited in North America by RealStone System

Hexagonal 13 cm side.

Engineered Marble suitable for any climate and wet/outdoor use.

6 basic colours, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Jasmine, White limestone, brown.
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