Inspired by Mark Rothko and Ad Reinhard,  with Bauhaus rigorous geometric style influence,
Giovanni Barbieri has created a contemporary design by expertly manipulating natural stone
showing his  Passion for Art.  In this new  design he ingeniously crafts a textured stone using
an original finishing technique and sizes combination.
Pattern is composed  with size base 18”x18” x3/4  ( Cm 45x45x2)  on 40 tiles each one different
from the other,  obtained  with  different  combination of  5  different  sizes and  4 different
Natural  Stone Colours:  Light Grey and  Light Brown  Sandstone,  Black  and Beige  Limestone.
The installation pattern printed on each box helping to obtain a perfect  installation  where no
one colour are connected each other. 

Distribuited in Japan by Advan & Co.
Distribuited in USA by Opustone MIAMI.

45x45x2 cm Modular tiles (18"x18"x3/4 )

Natural Stone

Black Limestone , light Beige, light brown and light grey sandstone
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