SQUAR Collection initially produced in 2,00 or 4,0 SF size paneling is now available in 2 additional sizes : 8” x 9” and 3” x 3” 3/8 in a single tile size combining floor and wall 3D shading, expanding custom made infinitive solutions details.
SQUAR Collection, as never before, makes it possible to seamlessly go from a one dimensional design to a full three-dimensional texture. Also it can flow from squared, regular shapes to a random pattern of shapes and colors.

All the transitions can be customized to your unique characteristics or with the creative assistance of Giovanni Barbieri studio and large capacity of custom made colours and textures by ARTO factory.

Of course, 5 different standard pattern are available without shading each other:
Squared tile flat,
Squared sectioned Flat tile
Squared 3D tile,
Random flat,
Random 3D.


4" x 5" , 8” x 9” and 3” x 3” 3/8

Engineered Marble, Clay, Concrete.

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