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Dear esteemed customer,
appreciating and thanking you once again for your great support for Giovanni Barbieri Design and Products,
we are facing a very strange and delicate time and we try to manage the future in the most appropriate way.
Now, as never before, we firmly believe in the potential of the latest, absolutely unique tile collections developed by Giovanni Barbieri, whose combination with the Design Service of the project is suitable for every single use. Only the same inventor of the collection can offer the best and most accurate interpretation, more like an artistic performance than a tile collection.
We supply pre-assembled panels that offer the highest quality of Italian artisan realizations allowing quick installation at the final site, with cost effective solutions and unparalleled aesthetic results of custom-made art.
This helps all A&D studios and dealers a lot, avoiding any misunderstanding by intermediaries, with direct negotiation in the highest professional behaviuour, reducing cost and improving the final quality result.
We adopt paypal online system to help the order payment system to be easier and faster, resulting in the immediate start of production, too.
In trust of our 40 years of experience and reputation, we have created a link on the home page where you can quickly upload your project drawings and fill out a form to explain all details of your tile project:
we are now able to guarantee to send back our design proposal and full cost including door to door shipping service in 1 or 2 working days.
We hope that this new combination of products and services will help create a new, easy, fast and highly professional way to realize your projects in an artistic way.
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