"Breath a new life on Italian natural material as handmade terracotta and Murano Glass ".

The most complicate, sophisticate surface finishing of different natural material combined together generating the most superb and utterly unique aesthetic result. Sometimes a Luxury collection are not just a nice material with  well done finished but especially the quality of the hand skill artisan are able to combine, finishing with materials together and complete with some “difficult to believe if you can’t touch” result.

Heramosa design: red reclaimed hand made terracotta, red travertine, Amber Murano Glass partially with  gold leaf on the same ( round dot)  polished relief inlay. Size 38"x38"

Panel in the pictures are 39" x 39" ( 100x100 cm ).

Award winner of Best of Year INTERIOR DESIGN, in USA .

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38" x 38"as in the picture or any other else by request

Handmade Terracotta, Natural Stone, translucent polished relief inlay Murano Glass.

Any colourway combination about handmade terracotta, natural Stone and traslucent Murano Glass.
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