Le Piastrelle Segnate

Handmade terracotta has its own charm,
its value increases over time because it has been around forever.
Its hand made production offers extraordinary possibilities to be exploited, and "Le Piastrelle Segnate " is an excellent example of this: its 3 patterns make it possible to create relief textures that are almost never repeated, a kind of contemporary hieroglyphic, something finally never seen before, not even remotely similar.
Obtained tiles have a shape that is never perfect, a surface texure that can feel rough to the touch, details that simply amplify the beauty of a handmade product.
Le Piastrelle Segnate is the most awarded tile ever in 2022 and perhaps ever:
Red Dot,  Best of the Best Product Design Award Winner
Best Of Year Honoree at INTERIOR DESIGN USA magazine
Product Design Award Winner on Home category at European Big See Awards

With these wall and floor tiles, the concept of varying the density of the relief applied to them leads to a striking aesthetic.
The resulting structures have a highly impressive effect, especially on large surfaces, and create distinctive atmospheres in interiors.

The perfectly thought-through design is also highly functional in terms of installation and allows seamless adaptation to individual preferences.

This collection is available in the USA-CANADA through CLE' tile distributor only.
Pricing and details info at:

20 x 20 x 1,5 cm / 8" x 8" x 5/8

Handmade terracotta.

terra, sabbia, cenere.
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