Minimal Rustic

Inspired by the owl’s house in London by Eddye Francois: an architect with a soul of a poet passed away too young.

At same time, this match a request of antiqued black color floor that could be easily cleaned and still keep its striking, characteristic look. 

This is why I developed

Minimal Rustic

a tile with a unique surface finishing, preserving the beauty of the black natural material and making the cleaning a breeze.

The black terracotta is now made in Italy, at Barbieri Lab. Made in handmade Terracotta, sealed, is suitable for interiors only and residential, no commercial/high traffic.
More details will be supplied on project specification request.
See same look version made in concrete  is produced in California by

17 x 45 x 2,5 cm ( 7" x 18" x 1" ) other by special request.

dark grey handmade terracotta

dark grey handmade terracotta
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