The Fine Lines

With immense pleasure and gratitude I am very excited to announce  “THE FINE LINES TERRAZZO” is Overall Winner at  2020  London SBID ( Society of British and International Interior Design) Products Design Awards.

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Between handmade artisan tiles collection and art performance.

Established in the Venetian Region, where the “Terrazzo alla Veneziana” has his origin, Northstone brings this craftsmanship to a new life reinventing handmade Terrazzo
tiles with modern processes by producing only one tile at a time and not in blocks or slabs as competitors simply do. We can now celebrate with great enthusiasm the return of custom-made Terrazzo tiles like they used to be centuries ago.

Very Proud to preserve this priceless technique at affordable prices for any architect, designer or simply for any homeowner who would like to have a piece of Venice’s History in his realization, suitable for commercial and residential use, completing any project with large pieces  for accessories such as table, stairs, countertops, etc., which are perfectly coordinated with the floor.

Born from the union of the knowledge of the Terrazzo technique and Design by Northstone and Giovanni Barbieri, Artisan Tile & Stone Designer, giving a revival of what Giovanni was forced to stop producing almost  30 years ago because of the impossible production costs.
With both evolutions of these two companies, especially in terms of Technology and Design,
they are proud to present: “The Fine Lines Collection” defined “between handmade Artisan Tile Collection and Art Performance”.
The purely random laying of these 3 models of tiles is perfectly in keeping with the inlaid lines, which create an extraordinarily unique aesthetic result. 
Each line, completely inlaid by hand with small pieces of Palladiana, rarely has the same length, which gives the impression of being laid randomly, creating a “no pattern effect” like a work  of Art, that the human eye can perceive.
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