Squar collection displayed at

Miami Art Week - Art Basel

December 2022
Miami Art Week - Art Basel
Glad to have my piece displayed at Miami Art Box Project during Art Basel week in Miami.
A Very special thanks to all attended the event.
October 2022
Design Festival / Lubijana Slovenia
Le Piastrelle Segnate is Product Design Award winner on Home Category at BIG SEE Design Festival a beautifully organized  event at Lubijana Castle in Slovenia.
A very special thanks full of gratitude for the excellent hosting.
More details abot the event HERE
Le Piastrelle Segnate by Fornace Brioni at Best Of Year USA INTERIOR DESIGN .
Is now Finalist on Tile + Stone Wall Coverings - category : see details HERE
October 2022
October 2022
Blooming Collection by Asolo, Treviso at Best Of Year USA INTERIOR DESIGN .
New 2022 Selection of repertorio 312 pages book
September 2022
2022 book
Now available the new 2022 selection of repertorio book:
312 pages of drawing by Giovanni Barbieri, a concentrated history in the making.
Ask your copy HERE
"Le Piastrelle Segnate"
Designed for Fornace Brioni.
Red Dot product design 2022 best of the best award winner.
June 2022

Jury statement.
With these wall and floor tiles, the concept of varying the density of the relief applied to them leads to a striking aesthetic. The resulting structures have a highly impressive effect, especially on large surfaces, and create distinctive atmospheres in interiors. The perfectly thought-through design is also highly functional in terms of installation and allows seamless adaptation to individual preferences.
SEE the Red Dot best of best winners page HERE.

Sparkling #1,   panel size 36" x 48" ( cm 91,5 x 122 ).
April 2022
latest Squar[e] Panel
Squar[e] is not only a ceramic tile, which thanks to its small size of 5 x 5.8 x 0.6 cm can be used even in the smallest rooms. Squar[e] can be used, above all, to create large-scale artistic installations in which flat, square surfaces merge into three-dimensional, irregular reliefs. The arrangement of the different tiles can be systematic or arbitrary, creating an individual work of art.
This is the latest custom made creation will be installed soon in New York City.  Title: Sparkling #1,   panel size 36" x 48" ( cm 91,5 x 122 ). See more details HERE.
Introducing my first wood floor....
This is “Blooming in the Water”.
March 2022
Blooming in the Water
Introducing my first wood floor....
by , inlay masters located in a pretty unique town like Asolo in the province of Treviso.
This is “Blooming in the Water”.
Water lily leaves inspired this floor, which gives the feeling of walking on the surface of a lake, immersing the living space in nature and thanks to a carefully studied design it guarantees a unique visual style, alive and never repetitive.
Available in single or 3 different Oaks.
More info in HERE