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Blooming (Red Dot Award 2023)

Enhancing and preserving the power of Italian outstanding craftsmanship, creating in the present for a long-term future.


1. Can the design be altered to suit our client’s wishes?

2. If so, how far can we alter – can we change colours as well as proportions?
Yes – we find the repeat to small for a large area – or can we design something completely new? Both, any design of course and we will verify details and production cost each time. Sometimes murano glass is impossible to cut in a particular shapes without brockerage.

3. As we wanted this for panels, i.e. double-sided, would this be possible, and would it be possible with a single core of honeycomb, i.e. the materials ceramic and glass to be applied to one layer of honeycomb?
We can install on honey comb single side only, the back may be receive some scretch or similar. We suggest to install the panels on two different panels than assembled. Thickness will depend on the panels dimension.

4. As you know, we are looking to retain the transparency, therefore could the panels be matched exactly on both sides, so that the glass areas are exactly back to back to allow as much light as possible to penetrate?
Yes of course. Installed on 2 different tempered glass panels and than assembled for obtain a single one double face perfectly match the drawings both faces.

5. Can you give me a weight per sq. metre – single side of material + honeycomb, as well as double material with single honeycomb interior (if this is possible).
Normally 48 kg per sqm. glass thickness is higher on big slabs and also the weight can change little bit referring the murano glass percentage used.

6. Are the edges of the panels “finished” or do we have to finish them in our workshops?
If the edge will be see after installed, we apply an alluminium frame as per picture here included in the way to avoid any damage giving nice look on all corners. This must be specified at the moment you place order.

7. Is it possible to install murano collection panels on a shower?
We did not make any laboratory test about yet, by this reason we can not suggest to use inside a shower. In other way, a murano collection panel can be installed on shower wall with decorative face outside the shower and the back sat inated tempered glass face inside the shower. Any kind of backlit can go through the panel even with satinated tempered glass surface.

any from 7×7 cm to the size declared in the pricelist. Bigger panels need to be produced in double or more panels that help packaging, light weigh, shipping and installation with separately box contain each one numbered loose pieces to be installend covering the tempered glass panel joints in the way to obtain a single big drawing once completed.

Any natural stone, handmade terra cotta as per our colors available, murano glass colour in standard or in the colour shade requested, any combinations and waterjet drawings respecting shapes included on 28×28 cm basic raw material size.

Standard LED lighting installed at 8 cm distance from the murano panel giving homogenous backlit.
Flat new LED 160 grade lighting installed at 30 mm from the Murano panel with same result as above.

Structure in alluminium or stainless steel developed time by time referring kind of LED and especially dimension.

Adaptor and remote control need a cm 15×25×35 box space next the panel at 2-3 meter distance from the panel. All the alluminium back face where LED are installed are always easily removable. Of course, we supply executive project for final approval once the purchase order is placed.

Murano Collection LED lighting details.