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Blooming (Red Dot Award 2023)

Enhancing and preserving the power of Italian outstanding craftsmanship, creating in the present for a long-term future.


Giovanni Barbieri is the designer of the products you are purchasing and your purchase order and payment will go directly to the manufacturer avoiding  distributors, additional taxes and other unnecessary commercial expenses. Each Design are registered at US Copyright Governative office, it is strictly forbidden any reproduction even partially.
Giovanni Barbieri working  under strictly agreements with all manufacturers and he taking care imposing he’s properly quality of product and service preserving 100% customer satisfaction and easy bureaucracy even on shipping when requested.

In additional, at same time,  we are obligate to inform about  all the following:
The values under the section “packaging: measures and weights” are to be understood as nominal, any variation can be due to slight discalibration of the single tiles. 
Minor variations in the hue within the same batch are due to the absolute craftsmanship of our products. This is why any light hue or aesthetic differences cannot result in complaints or requests for returned goods. Before proceeding with laying, we recommend taking the material out from the different boxes and arranging it dry in order to verify the colour scheme. In order to store each of our Design  products properly you need to keep them in dry environments, far from humidity sources, sunlight and freezing temperatures. All Manufacturers of each of our Design is not liable for any damage occurred during the mise en place and/or during the improper mise en place. In any case we will not accept complaints on laid material. For our instructions on the topic please read the each collection catalogue section “setting instuctions” and “data sheet”. 

) The prices shown in the price list are VAT not included and for goods ex factory of each Italian Manufactturers, unless agreed otherwise. 
2) The dimensions and weight indicated in the e-commerce online pages are strictly nominal. 
3) The tonalities and shades of the products showed in this catalogue and any sample are explanatory and not binding. 
4) The minimum sales unit of all the standard materials is equal to one box or multiples thereof. 
5) Any complaint on the received goods must be written, and sent to manufacturer and to us within max.10 calendar days from receipt under penalty of cancellation. 
6) We do not accept any complaint about the aesthetic of laid goods. 
7) Manufacturer of each of our Design Collection/products does not give guarantees on the mode of use, systems and finishings, and explicitly does not accept any liability for any direct or indirect damage.
8) The delivery terms and conditions foreseen in the orders are indicative; any delay in delivery cannot be liable to any compensation and/or reparation. 
9) If there are delays, limited raw material restock, worsening in the conditions agreed, impossibility or difficulty in the shipment due to any kind of force majeure and not due to each of Manufacturer of each of our Design, the shipping terms will be postponed for a period lasting as long as the occurred problem.

10) Manufacturers of each of our Design, reserves the right to make any technical and aesthetical modification to its products that is seen as appropriate or necessary without the Customer being able to complain, ask for compensation and/or terminate any valid order.
11) Manufacturer of each of our Design, reserves the right to eliminate items from the production or to modify their prices because of changes in costs in any time giving a 30-day notice. 
12) Single orders and general purchase terms and conditions follow the Italian law. 
13) Any dispute arising because of the provision of Manufacturer of each of our Design, materials is of exclusive competence of the Court of Vicenza.  

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss a specific application. 

Custom design options are available. 
Color, size, and specific shape can all be modified depending on the project. 
For more information, contact us with your specific project details. 

Due to the handcrafted nature of our tiles, variations in color, texture, crazing, and finish will occur in different degrees depending on the specific glaze. 

Please see  for detailed instuctions of each collection, relative  catalogue section “setting instuctions” and “data sheet”. 

Under appointment we are available to show you live production phases of your order and answer to any question during the live meeting video sharing.