Boutique Design New York Award winner.
December 2020
Boutique Design Award winner.
The Fine Lines Terrazzo  has been selected as a WINNER in the Hard Surface Flooring category for the 2020 BD Product Design Competition. 
Presented by Boutique Design magazine and BDNY, the competition celebrates designers and manufacturers of products that demonstrate aesthetic progress, functionality, and above all, innovation. More info HERE

A very special THANK YOU to all the judges with infinitive gratitude for the result obtained.
Product Designer Honoree Award
December 2020
Product Designer Honoree Award
Winning as product design overall award winner at The Society of British & International Interior Design in London, and an Honoree Award as one of the best Product Designer at the Best Of Year INTERIOR DESIGN awards, is my best achievement ever. For a person as myself, arriving from nothing of nothing, after starting as a construction worker, and then attending design courses in the evening after a full day as a tile installer, evolving as a designer of the works I was doing until I started inventing collections for my family factory and expanding myself by inventing new processes and new materials together with the related design, winning my 18th award this year, it is an unpayable satisfaction.
A very special thank you to all those who have helped me with infinitive gratitude.
Because life has no meaning without passion, and beauty and true love always wins over everything.
Overall Winner at International SBID ( The Society of British International Interior Design)
London Design Awards.
October 2020
At SBID London international Product Design Awards, where The Fine Lines Collection was finalist, we did not won on our category... we are highly exciting and proud to annouce that we are the Overall Winner. A very special thanks to all  SBID Team and judges for this unparalleled result.
More info HERE


Introducing PATCH Collection.


September 2020
PATCH Collection

PATCH Collection.
A Tile with genuine feeling, where Venetian craftsmanship is highlighted, with a strong character, lively design, never uniform and harmonious in its own way.


Marina Gate Dubai , Triface Collection 3D tiles paired with superb selected book-match Statuario marble slabs.
July 2020
Triface collection in Dubai
This is another project in Marina Gate Dubai with Triface collection installation just completed.
Triface Collection in white limestone has been produced in large scale 40" height for a large hall reception area:
a spectacular pairing with a book-match  Statuario marble slabs in extraordinary beauty well selected and installed by Sital Marble, Dubai.

Milan Floreal Design on several Murano Collection large panels project in handmade  terracotta and traslucent Murano Glass polished relief inlay for backlight installation.
June 2020
Murano Collection
In 2020 probably the most bigger ever Murano Collection project is in delivery to Dubai after 4 years negotiations and 6 months to produce.