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Blooming (Red Dot Award 2023)

Enhancing and preserving the power of Italian outstanding craftsmanship, creating in the present for a long-term future.

Rinemi (Sustainability Product)

This is the first time where three-dimensional walls have more than 2 aesthetic effects thanks to 2 different designs carved on the same surface.
The small lines give a moving effect with beautiful reflections, especially when Gold or Silver applied on their top, or when walking in front if this creative wall structure. This three-dimensional pattern with its particular play of light and shadow gives a fascinating structure and forms more than a wall. This special style provides a touch of drama to any exterior and interior wall installation and becomes a real piece of Art especially when properly illuminated alternatively vertical and horizontal.

This is a sustainability product:

These Engineered Marble 3D Tiles are produced, through a laboratory tested process, by recycling
marble dust from the production waste. The process has been certified by extensive testing carried
out in US TCNA (Tile Council of North America ) laboratories. It can faithfully reproduce the Travertine and Natural
Stone look and it is suitable for any installation/climate condition even where Natural Stone is not suggested.
No maintenance. Not absorbent. Laboratory tested unalterable colour from UV radiant.


50x60x2 cm / 19″ 3/4 x 24″


Engineered Marble


Any colour.