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Blooming (Red Dot Award 2023)

Enhancing and preserving the power of Italian outstanding craftsmanship, creating in the present for a long-term future.

This pattern has been created by Giovanni Barbieri based on 2 characteristics:
1- recycling 3 cm thick marble slabs from production waste, obtaining 3 cm strips that compose the pattern.
2- creating an easy-to-install, intricate, and unique, non-repetitive aesthetic result at the same time.

“The Fine Lines Collection” dimensions of each model:
15” 1/8 x 15” 1/8 x 3/8 (cm 39,2 x 39,2 x1)
The 3 models/patterns all together are 5,00 SF (0,46 SqM) .

The purely random casual installation matches just the inlay lines generating a stunningly unique aesthetic result.
Each inlayed line is rarely the same length giving the appearance they are installed arbitrarily.
The magic is how the herringbone is laid out, random and in different direction with no pattern that the human eye can discern
Available in custom made colorways using Marble and Concrete or Terracotta, with glazed clay inlays, on all ARTO California factory surface.
ARTO is available to produce the design on any scale and colorways fit to size on any floor or wall including 3D through the Giovanni Barbieri studio cooperation.