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Blooming (Red Dot Award 2023)

Enhancing and preserving the power of Italian outstanding craftsmanship, creating in the present for a long-term future.

rthstone and Giovanni Barbieri sign a new interpretation of the smoothed concrete floor present in italy realizations since the 30’s that include handmade inlay made by a small “palladiana” broken by hand, and the subsequently application of the timeworn finish, giving a revive to an authentically unique look, that so far no one else had been able to faithfully reproduce.
The new generation of custom made Italian terrazzo tiles are finally ready also: it is the smoothed concrete as in this picture.
The highest quality Venetian artisan works now have a new Luxury opportunity to enhance the unicity of your floor offering exactly the same of piece of real Venice timeworn floor under your foots daily. Thanks to Northstone. ©Terrazzo Timeworn, timeless for everyone.