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Blooming (Red Dot Award 2023)

Enhancing and preserving the power of Italian outstanding craftsmanship, creating in the present for a long-term future.

Blooming (Red Dot Award 2023)

"This is my first wooden floor: "Blooming".

“With ‘Blooming’, customers can enjoy the luxury of custom-made floor at the cost of standard production.”
The new era of parquet system where few randomly installed standard production few models obtain almost never repetitive shapes.



We are pleased to report that our first wood flooring collection “Blooming” has received the Red Dot Award Best of the Best Product Design 2023.
Special thanks to everyone who collaborated and helped to achieve this extraordinary achievement.
This is the 3rd consecutive year that we have received a Red Dot Award.


1,0 sf average modular shape




Oak in 2 colour/temperature